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Lair of the Muses

That's The Beauty of Fanfiction, That Anything Can Fly

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Fiction by Montiese.....mostly of the fan variety.
This is a place where all my fanfiction can live together in harmony. My memories were getting really clogged and people were often asking where they could read earlier stories of mine or more of my stuff. So I created this little piece of me right here on LJ. I will focus on my Criminal Minds fic for the most part, that's my fandom of choice at the moment. There is also a possiblity of posting some short original ficlets when the time comes.

All fanfiction prior to May 2009 can be found in mcgarrygirl78's memories. And they have this groovy button to peruse by journal to make it easier for the reader. All fic memories are public : )

Super awesome header by mothergoddamn.