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09 December 2012 @ 11:12 am
Fic Post: I Spend My Time Thinking About You  
Title: I Spend My Time Thinking About You
Author: Montiese
Category: AU/Humor/Romance
Pairing: Rossi/Strauss
Rating: TEEN
Summary: “Gonna tell me how much you adore me before we hang up?”
Author’s Note: This story was written in the Life Unexpected universe where Erin and Dave are teenagers. The title is from the John Waite song Missing You, and its fitting.

“I have a surprise for you.”

“What? Is it animal, vegetable, mineral, or lingerie?”

“Lingerie? You like lingerie?” Erin asked.

“I like the idea of you in lingerie.” Dave replied.

“You wish.” She laughed.

“Yes, I do. I have the dirtiest fantasies about you.”

“David, don’t…don’t make me blush.”

“You're adorable when you blush. You're the most beautiful girl in the world.”

Erin couldn’t help but smile as she rolled onto her back on the bed. He just made her feel so wonderful. He made her shiver in all the right places. When she was with Dave it was like Winsor never existed.

It was probably good that he did, everyone was supposed to make mistakes. And it was like Dave was her reward for having a lousy boyfriend before him. Rossi wasn’t perfect but Erin was crazy about him. She wasn’t telling him yet but she was in love.

“The surprise isn’t lingerie. Can I see you soon?” she asked.

“You're my girl; you can see me whenever you want.”

“It would be nice to know that you wanted to see me too.”

“Woman, you know that I always want to see you.”

It had been nearly two weeks since they'd seen each other and that sucked for her. Dave was really busy working at the stables and getting ready for his first semester of college. There was lots of paperwork that needed to be done. He’d even managed, with her Uncle Mike’s help, to get some scholarship money. The rest he would have to take out loans for.

That was more running around and paperwork. Erin tried to hide her disappointment when Dave canceled their plans on Saturday night. He told her that he was so tired that he couldn’t see straight. No way would he be able to make the round trip from Commack to Manhattan. Erin kept her pep up but then fought all night to keep from thinking about some tart in her boyfriend’s arms.

When he sent the dozen pink camellias on Tuesday it really made her smile. He was one of the good guys, not a douche like Winsor. At least if Dave wanted to end things, Erin trusted him to be honest with her about his thoughts and intentions. No, it wouldn’t hurt less but nothing less than the truth was acceptable to her.

“So can you come over on Thursday evening?” Erin asked. “Mum said you can have dinner with us.”

“Should I bring anything?” Dave asked.

“Just bring your sparkling personality.”

“Done.” He snapped his fingers. “Are you sure my surprise isn’t lingerie?”

“You have a really dirty mind. Has anyone ever told you that?” she laughed. “I meant to thank you and say how beautiful the flowers you sent were.”

“One thing you didn’t know about me…I'm a botany enthusiast.”

“You are so not.” There was more laughter.

“I am!”

“I'm sure the florist helped.”

“Maybe he did help just a little.” He laughed too. “I told him that my girlfriend was the prettiest, smartest, sassiest girl in the world and I wanted to send her something awesome.”

“Did you really say that?” Erin asked.

“Mmm hmm.”

“I have no idea what I'm going to do with you.”

“I have a few ideas.” Dave said. “Wanna hear them?”

“I do; but this line isn’t secure.”

“Yeah, it might be better when we’re sure that we’re alone. This isn’t for everyone’s ears.”

It wasn’t that Dave or Erin thought her parents might be listening in. It’s just that they knew it was possible if the Strausses really wanted to. Some things were definitely better left to dirty text messaging.

“So I’ll see you on Thursday?”

“I’ll be there.” Dave replied. “I miss your face.”

“Is that all you miss?” Erin asked.

“That’s all I'm willing to admit on an unsecured line. We’ll talk on Thursday.”

“OK, I’ll see you then.”

“Gonna tell me how much you adore me before we hang up?” Dave asked.

“Goodnight David.”

“Ouch. You cut me so deep, baby. I must be a glutton for punishment, longing for you like I do.”

“I'm worth it.” Erin said.

“You absolutely are. I’ll see you on Thursday. Are you sure I shouldn’t bring something? My mom says it’s impolite to just show up empty handed. I’ll bring dessert…I’ll make something myself.”


“Really, really. Sweet dreams, Erin Strauss.”


Erin sighed as she hung up the phone. She really did miss him terribly. It made her want to smack herself for being one of those girls that annoyed her. At least it seemed as if he missed her just as much.

Erin had many of the same insecurities that other teenage girls had concerning her boyfriend. But nothing ever made her feel as good as talking to him again did. When Erin’s cell phone buzzed, she grabbed it off the nightstand. There was a text message and she was already grinning from ear to ear because she already knew who it was.

I let you get away with not telling me that you adore me. I hope that’s not going to happen on Thursday.’ –David

Worried much?’ –Erin

Oh no, I know you're crazy about me Erin Strauss. The feeling is mutual.’ –David

I guess you'll have to wait and see. Have a good night.’ –Erin

She laughed, put her phone down, and went out to the living room. She and her mom were going to end the night watching Law and Order together. There was a good chance that other things would be occupying her mind while she did that.


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hollywoodgodshollywoodgods on December 9th, 2012 06:47 pm (UTC)
I love that even in this universe Erin is worried about getting bugged. LOL These two are great at any ages.
SSA McGeek: Jayne....beautifulmcgarrygirl78 on December 9th, 2012 07:08 pm (UTC)
Her parents would die if they heard some of the things she and Dave said to each other. It would be hard to make them believe its all talk and no action.

They really are awesome no matter how old : )
purplediamond87purplediamond87 on December 9th, 2012 06:54 pm (UTC)
totally almost died when I saw this post!
This universe is currently my absolute favourite! I say currently because I love every universe and my favourite changes depending on what mood I'm in!
At this precise moment its this universe, and this post was fantastic!
So fantastic that I literally need more! hopefully very soon! ;)
I love the texting, not sure why I love it so much but I just do, I think its both funny and adorably cute.
Then again, Erin and Dave are totally adorably cute in general so hey, standard really!
SSA McGeek: Dave Rossi....hey babymcgarrygirl78 on December 9th, 2012 07:18 pm (UTC)
I think Alphas and Omegas might be my favorite with these two but this one is awesome. Its adorable with such sexy overtones because you know these two want to tear each other clothes off but are showing ridiculous amounts of restrain. Dave is a cheeky young man and he brings out the cheeky side of Erin. She doesnt have to make it up, its there, but she's so prim and proper. With him she doesnt have to be Miss Perfect, she can just go on instinct. And she's crazy about him because of that. And she finds him incredibly sexy.

I hope for more soon...we'll see : )